Sunday, 15 March 2009

Boris Becker & Little Donkey's

Well, that's us in London now. It's been a long day! Kelly shouted at me for my lack of urgency all morning, but come 12:58 when the taxi was outside, only one of us was ready.....any guesses who was ready and who wasn't?? Oh, and I brought everything with me while she left her coat in the house. Men 1, Woman 0.

The train journey wasn't so bad in the end, although we did have to spend an hour on the coach with a group of lads from London that didn't do anything to banish the myth that everyone from London is a tool. They spent most of the time doing Geordie accents and talking about how loads of people from Newcastle (where they had been for a night out) said to them "why don't you f*ck off back to London". I'm with the Geordies on that one, it's just a shame we were stuck off to London at the same time as them!!

So we got to London and Kelly realised that her backpack was heavier than she thought when it was lying on the bedroom floor. I carried both backpacks while she carried all the smaller bags, she looked like a little Donkey weighed down with them all. As I type she's on the hotel room floor 'repacking' her stuff in the ludicrously vain hope that it makes it lighter!

So when we were waiting for our taxi to take us to the hotel, I saw Boris Becker. His wife (or girlfriend, who knows) was walking in front of him looking very pretty, while he struggled with a wonky trolley stacked with bags that was falling all over the place. Looks like it doesn't matter how rich or famous you get, you still have to carry the girlfriends bags. :-)

So tomorrow morning we fly to Tokyo which will be really exciting. I can not stand flying so I'll be stressed and worried at take off, but it'll be worth it when we land in Tokyo and for the first time in my life I will be average height!!

OK, so the next time I put something on here we'll probably be in Tokyo and hopefully I'll manage to put some pictures on, because I know that will make this a bit more lively!!

P.S. Kelly has finished taking out the stuff from her backpack that she doesn't need. I'm not expert, but I would guess that the weight of the stuff removed is approximately 7 grams.


  1. The bit about boris made me giggle.... it is true - no matter who you are and how much you earn.... women rule !!!!

    hope you both enjoy tokyo !

  2. Well mate, the blogs are getting better. This one was quite funny. The best bit though was reading 3 entries on the Monday morning, one being about the Old Firm game when you were still full of hope. Lo and behold as I read I know the score, hahahaha. Good times.

  3. Good luck bro, hope you enjoy the feeling of being tall (or at least close to average). Wont be the same without your inane drivel of texts and phone calls when you're on your way to/from the pub.

    The blogs a good idea so keep it up, as it were. Maybe you should do a famous persons tracker count and build on seeing Boris Becker which is a good start.

    Toodles, Bob