Friday, 20 March 2009

Last Day in Tokyo.....

Well it's our last day in Tokyo and I have to say I'm quite disapointed. It's such a great city, it's busy, there's loads to do, and you feel safe wherever you go. We went for a stroll last night and ended up in an incredibly busy little part of town with loads of side streets literally full of people eating, drinking, buying things from markets and it felt totally comfortable to just walk through and look at everything even though we didn't see anyone else that wasn't Japanese the whole time.

Today we've had a lie in (it was raining outside anyway!) and then this afternoon we went to the Tokyo stop and had a look around Ginza which is a really posh area. It was one of my favourite parts of the city, very laid back and we just strolled around all afternoon. Spent quite a lot of time in the Sony Building, much to Kelly's disgust/bewilderment. I think she was fine to start with, but I became a little too boyish with all the gadgets.

Later on we ended up in Imperial Palace Gardens, which Kelly has described as 'noice' and well maintained. :-) Certainly have your work cut out if you tried to break into them that's for sure!

We're going to head out for some noodles (Udon) tonight and have a stroll around Ueno again I think. Tomorrow we head off for Kyoto for more of the traditional side of Japan, and we get to ride the bullet train there! Wooo! They offered us smoking seats on it too, it's really weird how you can smoke in restaurants and trains etc over here. One of the weirdest things thought, was when I saw a guy the other day who had taken his smog mask down to have a cigarette.....bit of a conflict of interests if you ask me.

So, enjoy the photos of Ginza, and have a good Friday all, and enjoy your weekend. We'll update you more from Kyoto.

P.S. Good on you Luan, get that Kelly told!!

P.P.S. Guest blog from Whiddett coming up in the next few days........

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