Saturday, 14 March 2009

Back to York

Well, that's me back in York now. I left Edinburgh this morning with a pretty bad hangover and got the train back to York. I left my mother crying which wasn't nice, but then she cried when I came back from Australia last time, so I'm a bit confused about what upsets her more - me leaving, or coming home!!

I got the train back down and it reinforced what I already knew, I hate people!! Had to spend the first half hour listening to some stupid girl in her pyjamas phone everyone she had ever met to tell them in a loud voice that she was 'so drunk last night and she just woke up and got on the train in her pyjamas', followed by idiotic laugher. Luckily I managed to did out my iPod so I could shut out her inane ramblings.

Kelly and I have packed our backpacks and went out for dinner at Happy Valley on Goodramgate. Nice little Chinese (not really Chinese but close enough) restaurant which does great food and isn't expensive at all. Would recommend to anyone that gets the chance to go.

So it's time for me to hit the sack I think, busy day tomorrow. Getting the train to London around 1pm, and when I say train, I mean train, then bus, then train then tube! Railworks are a right laugh aren't they?! Pretty bad planning on my part though, it's the League Cup Final tomorrow, Rangers v Celtic and I'm on a bus for the full game!! Will be relying on txt message updates from my sister or dad for that one. Not the best way to keep up with an Old Firm cup final and I would imagine will be pretty bad for my nerves.

I'll miss York, it's a great little city and I hope to be back some time to catch up with all the good friends I've made here. I'll hopefully get a chance to update this tomorrow from London. Until then, good night all.

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