Saturday, 14 March 2009

Back to York

Well, that's me back in York now. I left Edinburgh this morning with a pretty bad hangover and got the train back to York. I left my mother crying which wasn't nice, but then she cried when I came back from Australia last time, so I'm a bit confused about what upsets her more - me leaving, or coming home!!

I got the train back down and it reinforced what I already knew, I hate people!! Had to spend the first half hour listening to some stupid girl in her pyjamas phone everyone she had ever met to tell them in a loud voice that she was 'so drunk last night and she just woke up and got on the train in her pyjamas', followed by idiotic laugher. Luckily I managed to did out my iPod so I could shut out her inane ramblings.

Kelly and I have packed our backpacks and went out for dinner at Happy Valley on Goodramgate. Nice little Chinese (not really Chinese but close enough) restaurant which does great food and isn't expensive at all. Would recommend to anyone that gets the chance to go.

So it's time for me to hit the sack I think, busy day tomorrow. Getting the train to London around 1pm, and when I say train, I mean train, then bus, then train then tube! Railworks are a right laugh aren't they?! Pretty bad planning on my part though, it's the League Cup Final tomorrow, Rangers v Celtic and I'm on a bus for the full game!! Will be relying on txt message updates from my sister or dad for that one. Not the best way to keep up with an Old Firm cup final and I would imagine will be pretty bad for my nerves.

I'll miss York, it's a great little city and I hope to be back some time to catch up with all the good friends I've made here. I'll hopefully get a chance to update this tomorrow from London. Until then, good night all.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Edinburgh Night Out Tonight

Well it's my last full day in Edinburgh seeing the family and tonight I'm out with my friends from Edinburgh for a night out. I would imagine it won't be quite as drunken as my night out in York last weekend (I heard a funny story last night which involved a certain Scottish friend of mine almost getting urinated on while sitting down resting in an alley after my York leaving do!!), but we'll certainly give it a go.

We're going to head out on George Street for a few drinks and then depending on how messy it has become, pick a nightclub accordingly. My friend Linzi runs the biggest club in Edinburgh and has promised us VIP access and free entry, so I reckon that could be on the cards at some point.

So, hopefully (hangover permitting) I'll update you on how the night out went tomorrow.

It's almost time to set off on my travels, I'm heading back to York tomorrow (as I suppose I have to pick Kelly up before setting off!! haha) and then down to London on Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and I'll do my best to remember more about this Friday than I do about last Friday.........

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Four Days and Counting.....

Only four days to go, and I'm already knackered. I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon looking after my five year old neice and my god is that tiring! I'm surprised i'm not bleeding from the ears the rate she talks at.

Went out last night to watch the football in Edinburgh with Jackie, my friend from York, which was quite bizarre, felt like I was still in York somehow.

So for the rest of the day I'm going to start sorting out my stuff to take away. I've already sacrificed a pair of jeans that I was planning to take, I've decided that traveling light is definitely the way to go. As I'm sure I'll end up carrying two backpacks at some points, the lighter mine is the better.

So my blog has been going for three days, and I've got two people following it now. OK, so one of them is my mother, but still, at least I know it's working. Essentially that's what these first few blogs are for, mainly for me to get my head around how to work thing and get it all working, they'll definitely get more exciting when I'm not just sitting in my parents house! :-)

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Five Days to Lift-Off

Well, it's Wednesday now and we only have five days to go until we take off to Tokyo!! It is starting to get really exciting now, I can't wait to get down to London the night before, although I'm not looking forward to the 4 hour journey to London with an hour and a half on a coach!! It will be great arriving in Japan where they can run trains properly. Kelly has organised tickets for the week on the Bullet train which I'm really looking forward to!!

I'm afraid at the moment the blogs are not that exciting, it's more a case of me organising things to take away with me. Fingers crossed for your sake that my travels are more exciting than the organising!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

First Blog from Edinburgh

Well, this is my first ever blog! I am looking forward to keeping it up to date with all my traveling gossip and hopefully you will enjoy reading it.

At the moment all I am doing is trying to get myself ready to go away, so buying clothes, filling my parents house with all my belongings and my personal favourite, buying travel insurance!!!!

More exciting updates will follow, once I've actually set off on my travels. In the meantime, here's my current favourite website!!