Thursday, 28 May 2009

Employment Update

Hello people,

This week Kelly and I have been mainly living with my friend Matthew and Verity up in Dee Why. They have a tiny little kitten which kept us entertained day and night!!

We have moved back in with Ben today in the centre of Sydney. Although we will not get to enjoy Ben's company for much longer as he is off to New York on Sunday to seek his fortune!

This week has mainly been work related from my point of view. I had a meeting on Tuesday with the main guy in the company I really wanted to get work with when I came over here, and he offered me the job I wanted. It was all going swimmingly until the Australian Government stuck a spanner in the works. I had a start date towards the end of June, however rather than a few weeks to get the visa sorted, the Government now make it take 8-12 weeks. I went in today to speak with the company and the have confirmed my employment offer and given me my contract. My new start date is 1st September (or hopefully earlier if the government get the visa sorted sooner). So Kelly and I are thinking of things we can do for the next 3 months. So feel free to comment on here or send us emails with suggestions. Maybe we'll do a poll!! :-)

We have some new photos which were taken this week, and we're going out this weekend, so I'll stick a longer blog on over the weekend with some photos.

Have a nice weekend everyone and don't do anything I wouldn't do.