Thursday, 19 March 2009

Akihabara, Shibuya & Harajuku

Good day all,

Today we've been busy! We started off the day in Akihabara which is the electrical city, full of computer shops and LOTS of Manga shops. The Japanese are pretty obsessed by Manga, and there were even loads of girls dressed as the characters trying to get people into the shops. Managed to find a converter for the plug straight away, however the charger for the laptop is now the approximate temperature of the sun, so there may be some voltage issues!

We then went to Shibuya, for the sole reason of seeing the four way crossing. It's pretty amazing how many people cross the road at this one junction. There are four places to cross, and people just build up on the pavement, and then every 2 minutes or so the are unleashed across the road. I've got a video of it which I will try to attach to the blog. May not look that exciting, but you have to remember that this goes on every 2 minutes all day, every day!

Lastly we went to Harajuku which is full of trendy young people, who made us feel old. We went to visit a huge temple there which was really impressive, clearly a lot of time and effort was put into building it.

So we've walked around Tokyo for the last couple of days and our legs and feet are killing us! We want to go out tonight for a few drinks and maybe a dance, although summoning the energy is going to be a challenge. I've just got some beer from the 7/11 which is covered in Japanese writing, however it does say on the front of it 100%, which scares me a little! Kelly has a drink called 'Two Dogs', which is a cocktail in a can. Luckily she's fallen asleep before drinking it.

For those of you that know Kelly, I would imagine this will strike a chord. We have Japanese Railways passes which she spent ages sorting out for us before we got here. The were about £250 each and they give us our train travel all week around Tokyo and on the bullet trains to Kyoto and back. Well, it's day two and Kelly has lost hers! Familiar story anyone??

Right, I'm going to go and give her a shake and see if we can't go out and find some food/beer/dancefloors to keep us on our feet a bit longer.

Hope everyone is well back in the sunny UK.

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  1. Come on kelly - falling asleep, forgetting coats and losing tickets.... get a grip girl ! It all sounds fab though.. hope you are enjoying yourself !