Thursday, 12 March 2009

Four Days and Counting.....

Only four days to go, and I'm already knackered. I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon looking after my five year old neice and my god is that tiring! I'm surprised i'm not bleeding from the ears the rate she talks at.

Went out last night to watch the football in Edinburgh with Jackie, my friend from York, which was quite bizarre, felt like I was still in York somehow.

So for the rest of the day I'm going to start sorting out my stuff to take away. I've already sacrificed a pair of jeans that I was planning to take, I've decided that traveling light is definitely the way to go. As I'm sure I'll end up carrying two backpacks at some points, the lighter mine is the better.

So my blog has been going for three days, and I've got two people following it now. OK, so one of them is my mother, but still, at least I know it's working. Essentially that's what these first few blogs are for, mainly for me to get my head around how to work thing and get it all working, they'll definitely get more exciting when I'm not just sitting in my parents house! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Only one exclamation mark in the whole blog mate, good effort!!!

    FOur day eh, just think what you'll miss over here. On Tuesday night i'll be at Oakwell to watch Barnsley v Crystal Palace, doesn't it make you jealous?