Friday, 22 May 2009

It's the weekend.............

But then again, it's always the weekend for Kelly and I at the moment!! :-)

Still, Friday's always seem better than Monday or Tuesday's whether you're working or not.

This weekend we're busy with sporting events, which I know Kelly is really looking forward to. Tonight we'll probably have a quiet one with Matthew and Verity who we're living with at the moment in Dee Why. On Saturday we're going to Shark Park to watch the Cronulla Sharks take on the Dragons. My mate Nathan got me into Rugby League last time I was here and I'm a Shark fan (for my sins). They've lost 8 in a row and are bottom of the league, so this could be a pretty awful match to go and watch, however you are able to drink beer at the games over here, so it's not all bad!!

On Sunday we're meeting some friend of mine for dinner before heading to the casino to watch the Rangers match. It's the last game of the season and a win will guarantee us the league title. Kelly couldn't care less, but the fact that I'm going to the casino to watch it means she's coming too! haha.

So there should be a more exciting blog after the weekend when we have been out at these places and taken photos etc. I will try my best this weekend to keep Kelly away from any water features in case she jumps in them again!!

Hope everyone back home has a good weekend.

Talk to you again on Monday.


P.S. I'm glad that 'Flaunt it on McIvor' won the vote on the blog. It was my favourite too!! :-)

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