Monday, 18 May 2009


It's Monday and we've had an eventful weekend. Firstly, we went out on Friday night for a few drinks at Darling Harbour to watch the Harbour Lights display. Kelly and I got there at around 6pm and secured a good location at 'Home Bar' right at the water with $3.50 drinks until 7pm. All of our friends came and joined us and we had a few drinks and then at about 6.45pm decided to stock up on drinks while they were still cheap. I took peoples orders and went to the bar. I got Kelly 3 vodka and lemonade, Jane two Gin and Tonic and then she asked me how many beers I would like. I thought for a few seconds before answering "fifteen". The response was "I can't sell you fifteen beers because it's against the 'responsible sale of alcohol' law. I'll sell you five and you can get your friends to buy the others" - very responsible!! Anyway, drinks procured we settled in for the fireworks display, which while being no Edinburgh, was pretty good. They had four guys on jet ski's flying around the harbour firing flames and fireworks off the back of the ski's and there was a pontoon on in the middle which had the more spectacular fireworks.

We left the bar around 9pm once the dust had settled from the fireworks and the crowds had dispersed. Kelly decided to down the last remaining Champagne, which was all well and good until we got about 2 minutes down the road when we got to the water feature and fountains. There was about 10 of us walking to Chinatown for food, when Kelly dragged Matthew by the hand towards the water. Now, in fairness to her, I thought the little water feature looked around an inch deep and I could see what she was thinking, she was going to run through to the other side. The water wasn't an inch deep however, it was waist deep and she plunged deep into the water while we all stood there with a sort of 'what on earth' look on our faces!! Here is a picture of her post jump...........

Once she had managed to dry her boots using a toilet hand dryer and buy some new socks from Chinatown it was on with the night! We had a fantastic Chinese meal before heading off to a few bars round town. There was a 3am finish and a lot of sore heads and dodgy stomachs the following day.

We moved from our friend Ben's place on Saturday up to my mate Matthew's place in Dee Why. It's about 30Min's from the city and it's right by the beach. He also has a little black kitten who is about 4 months old and probably the most energetic little beast I've ever come across!

Kelly spent yesterday with Sita at the Sydney fashion show having a good time and spending lots of money while I continued to recover from my hangover.

So that's about all we have to report for now. Hope everyone back home is good.


P.S. I have started to hear from those back home who are being made redundant from NU (soon to be Aviva!!). I know it's a nightmare for you guys back there, you'll be alright though and leaving NU isn't the end of the world. They'll end up with the workforce they deserve and from what I've heard so far there have been some questionable decisions on who is staying and who is going!! Enjoy the leadership!!

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  1. Whats the name of the bird in the last pic? Initials BH?