Friday, 3 April 2009

First Major Hangover of the Holiday.......

Hello all,

Well, I officially felt like death this morning. Di (the guy that owns the place we're staying at) had his step son staying with a couple of his mates. So Kelly and I, the three boys and 3 girls that are staying at the hostel drank a LOT of alcohol and played lots of drinking games before heading to a local nightclub with local Malaysian band and lots more drinking.

This morning we were going to be at the beach by 9ish, however at around midday the cleaner woke me up and was swiftly sent packing as I was still in bed!!

The night was fun, however the funniest part was the ridiculous attitude to drink driving over here. It got to about 1am and we decided to head out to the club, so everyone was just like 'shall we just take our scooters?'. Our parents will be pleased to know that we declined that and got driven there instead. But two of the guys got on possibly the worst scooter I've ever seen, it was a proper shambles. So they climbed on, each with a beer in their hand, only to have Di give them the sensible advice of "hey, no drinking while driving". It's alright to drive after hours of drinking, and then drive home afterwards, but don't be as silly to think you can drive with a can in your hand! :-)

Today we've just been hooning around on our scooter to see all the places around us, it's a really beautiful island. We are heading to the beach tomorrow morning and then around lunch time we'll take the bike back and swap it for a car so we can go further afield and see the cable car, crocodile farm and a really nice looking beach at the top of the island. Have a good weekend all and I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of where we were today.........

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