Monday, 30 March 2009

Quick Update from Georgetown

Hey all,

Keep the comments coming, we like reading them. Unfortunately it won't let us post back which is a shame, but keep them coming anyway and we'll get back on the blog. So, Bob, we looked at steam-boats, but it's all fish and as neither of us like fish that much we thought we'd just be getting it for the sake of it. We've had some quite cool stuff though. And Dave, yeah, I'm pretty jealous that you spent all weekend tiling your kitchen floor and are now back at work. Living the dream my friend, living the dream!! :-)

So we got to Georgetown cheaper and in much more style than on vomit buses. We went with a the company that we used to get from Singapore to KL called 'Super Nice'. The have big air-conditioned buses with huge seats that we can sleep in! Kelly took a picture of me sleeping in one so I'm sure she'll stick it on here sooner or later.

We were talking to the guy from the hostel in Cameron Highlands about vomit bus and he agreed that they were crap. Last week one girl ended up in the aisle (still attached to the chair) when they went round a corner. And the week before the luggage hold burst open and 4 people lost their luggage (I can only assume down a cliff). So there's our top tip this week, avoid vomit buses at all costs.

So, onto a couple of conversations we've had over the last few days. Firstly, and this will cause some controversy out there I'm sure. This is an extract of a conversation we had on the bus from Singapore to KL.................

Kelly: I've never been to another country by land before.
Alan: You've been to Scotland by car with me before.
Kelly: Yes, but you know what I mean, Scotland's not a real country is it.........

All comments welcome on that, apart from by Matthew, Dave H, Andy B, Rob C etc etc. Comments are welcomed and appreciated from my parents, sister, Bob, Neil Grant, Scott McFie and Graeme McBride!!

Second conversation, and this one is a bit odd, was about hairy toes. I don't think Kelly is that impressed that I have hairs on my toes, but I've told her most men do, she refutes this. So, in the interest of settling an argument I've set up a poll on the left of the screen. So fella's, get those socks off and tell me if you've got hairy toes, and girls, let me know if you have a boyfriend/husbands etc. that has hairy toes..........

Enjoy work people. Just so you don't feel too bad, Kelly and I are finding it pretty hard going in this heat!! :-)


  1. Oh, I really really want to comment on the "Yes, but you know what I mean, Scotland's not a real country is it........." quote - Andy B!!!

  2. Scotland is a real country Alan, of course it is....just a bit small, a bit pointless and a bit crap at football.

  3. The English "education system" clearly has some deficiencies in the geography department!! (Sylvia McIvor)

  4. Sounds like you two are having a great time.
    Have you had your fancy shoes on yet? Did you find anything interesting?

    (In Scotland - not a real country apparently....)

  5. Scotland is a real country. Like Disneyland or Neverland.

    This one's staying anonymous!!

  6. Announcement at half 11 today Alan. Will you be proven correct?

    See you in a couple of months ;-)

  7. Last one was Dave by the way.