Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Koopa Troopa Found Holidaying in Malaysia.......

Hopefully that picture will make some of you think of the 1990s game Mario Kart! Kelly allowed me to go and pick up the scooter on my own, which means I get to choose the helmets we have. As soon as she put it on I thought of Koopa Troopa, the little turtle on the go kart!! :-)

Anyway, onto the holiday. We have spent that last few days at a really nice resort in Langkawi. We've just relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine before having to go back to reality (of sorts) when we arrive in Sydney. Job hunting, interviews (hopefully) and then back to the 9-5.......

Yesterday we went to Tanjung Rhu as Kelly liked the water there, unfortunately though we got there at the wrong time and there were a lot of waves, so Kelly did some sunbathing while I messed around doing handstands at varying degrees of water depth.

Later that night we had dinner and then went to a fish spa. For those of you that don't know what that is (I didn't either), it's where lots and lots of little fish eat the dead skin from your feet and ankles. Sounds a bit gross, but it was actually pretty fun! The woman said 'this will tickle, but only for the first couple of minutes'. She was right of course, but what a dreadful two minutes they were. I just put my feet in and tried to think of other things, and after a while it became quite a nice sensation. It feels kind of like having pins and needles in your feet. Kelly on the other hand went slightly insane for the first 5 minutes, I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone squeal and giggle so much in my life!! It was really funny to watch her put her feet in the water and then take them out and squeal and then slowly put them back in. I'm not convinced by the benefits they claim about fish therapy, but it's certainly worth doing just for the experience. Here's some pictures we took during it.........

We are going to Singapore in a few hours, so at the moment we're enjoying our last few hours of Langkawi and Malaysia. I'm writing the blog from a sun lounger while giving Kelly instructions of how to get from one side of the pool to the other. So far we've had doggy paddle (very funny facial expressions on that one!), star jumps and backward running.

We have one night in Singapore and a full day, then at 8.30pm tomorrow night (that's 1.30pm your time!) we fly to Sydney. I've got a good friend from Sydney picking me up and we are staying at their house for the first night which I'm really looking forward to. Not seem them for about a year, when they stayed with me for a week in York and Edinburgh. Then on Saturday night we're going to have a night out in Sydney with as many of my friends as I can get together. I'm really looking forward to being in Sydney again, although I think Kelly would rather just lie on the beach for around another year or so! ;-)

Hope you've enjoyed the blogging from Malaysia, we've certainly enjoyed ourselves in Malaysia and met some really cool people.

Talk again soon.


P.S. Thanks for the comment on the last blog Dave, made us laugh! If anyone didn't see it, it's MAYBE worth going to have a look at it, it was mildly amusing for someone from Barnsley!! ;-)

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