Friday, 27 March 2009

KL Rocks!!

Hello from KL, it's Alan again.

We are doing the blog a little drunk tonight. We've been out at the Reggae Bar drinking for a few hours now. Kelly is making me laugh at the moment as she's still complaining about the room we have at this hostel. She's in the toilet washing her face and our conversation has just gone something like:

Kelly: Mmmm, this drain smells nice.
Alan: What does it smell like?
Kelly: Dog sh*t!!

She's not very happy with this hostel. It's right in the middle of China Town, so when you step out of the front door you're straight into the middle of the stalls selling fake handbags/watches/sunglasses/DVDs etc etc. It's really lively and good fun, which is nice, but the hostel is a bit crap. The whole place smells like glue, the walls are amazingly thin (last night we could hear some man snorting all night!), and for some reason people come here on family holidays and bring there disgusting crying children with them!!

Today has been fun, we've been doing some tourist things all day. Kelly is back so I'm going to get myself ready for bed, I'll let her take over now...........................

I don't know what Alan is talking about, I love this hostel! I am particularly enjoying it's amenities, including the toilet which blocks if you put the smallest piece of paper in it, as myself and Alan both found out this morning. Luckily they are aware of this and provide a plunger free of charge.

Today we saw both the KL twin towers and KL tower. The KL tower was better as we saw a man jump from the top of it. Luckily for him he was wearing a parachute and landed safely. Other fun at the KL tower included the animal farm, where we were both held a snake and got our photo taken. There were also some monkey's and a Guinea Pig lying on top of a rabbit and a parrot that scared me.

We get the bus to Cameron Highlands tomorrow, booked the ticket today from the bus station, which is a scary experience. Very busy with lots of companies competing for your business, in a dark and dingy station. Looking forward to going back there tomorrow, with all of our bags to heave around!

Finished the evening off in style at the Reggae bar with pizza, wedges and a few drinks.... Alan is back now...

Hey all. Kelly's right, we did have pizza and wedges. All afternoon she was telling me she wanted to try some local food from one of the stalls. On the way to the pub we stopped at one she liked the look of. About the only thing that we could understand on the menu was 'Marinated Chicken Feet', which pretty much made our minds up that Pizza was the way forward for the evening. I wonder what chickens feet can be marinated in to make them edible??

Right, it's bed time here and I reckon the folk from NU (soon to be Aviva) reading this are just about due to go out on the lash and spend all their bonus money!! We are off on the bus (via the horrific excuse for a bus depot) to Cameron Highlands tomorrow which should be much more sedate than KL. So we hope to update you from there soon.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

A & K.


  1. not all children are disgusting, mine are lovely. and hardley cry. only if you nip them lol. am loving your blog, am writing this a little drunk myself !!!. keep up the good work and be good if you cant be good be carefull.
    love you. xxxx
    gemma, josh,jake,and sophie

  2. That guinea pig/rabbit hybrid is disturbing. It reminds of of Kuato from Total Recall... but furry.

    Open your mind!